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The right control cabinet in just a few minutes

The Cabinet Guide Online revolutionises the engineering for customised control cabinet solutions in water technology. With the Cabinet Guide Online, configuring and ordering your new control cabinet solution is smart and intuitive. The Cabinet Guide Online guides you through the configuration process step by step by asking simple questions about the application, so you don't even need in-depth knowledge of automation technology!

It's easy:

The system planner describes the application and the intelligent configurator creates a customised control cabinet solution for it.
The planner only takes a few minutes to configure the control cabinet in the online tool for the control of pneumatically actuated process valves in water technology systems.

This only requires a few steps: Enter the application, configure it, and then select and order it.

It suggests a solution straight away along with the price and delivery time. The control cabinet is delivered fully assembly and tested, with CAD data and EPLAN circuit diagram.

This saves time and costs and not just in engineering. Everything fits perfectly!

The benefits at a glance

  • Countless versions are possible:
    Control of 4 to 20 pneumatic process valves, processing of up to 80 digital and 16 analogue I/O, options for installation inside or out, various fieldbus protocols, filter controllers and manual operation
  • Speed up time-to-market:
    Simplifies engineering, reduces assembly time and the new standards are also shortening parameterisation and commissioning times
  • Intuitive Software:
    The structured application prompt ensures a reliable selection of the right components so detailed product knowledge is not essential
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3 steps are all it takes:

  1. Determine requirements
  2. Describe process valves to be controlled
  3. Select additional options

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