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With the new FluidDraw P6, you can create pneumatic and electric circuit diagrams even more reliably and efficiently. In addition to new features and a redesigned interface, the flexible licence models will help you to find the right licence for your needs. With the FluidDraw 365 annual subscription, you always receive the latest version, at no extra cost. 

Your benefits with FluidDraw

FluidDraw makes it easier to plan complete systems and integrate individual components. You can access the Festo catalogue and your own imported databases, and thus benefit from reporting functions and ready-prepared assembly drawings. The software is part of the Festo engineering tools that provide users with a paperless and smooth approach for all phases, from planning to delivery and commissioning.

  • Symbol libraries for pneumatics and electrics
  • Direct access to the Festo online basket
  • Drawing and dimensioning functions
  • User-defined product databases
  • New, flexible licence models
  • Directly usable without any Hardware-Dongle


FluidDraw P6 – what's new:

offer the most appropriate licence for your specific needs.

Even complex circuit diagrams that contain both pneumatic and electric components can be easily realised with FluidDraw. New in FluidDraw P6 are electrical symbols for motors and controllers from Festo.

Customise the drawing frames supplied to better suit your needs or conveniently create new drawing frames.

You can save each created project as a project template that can then be used for further projects. All project settings are retained and are available again in the newly created project. They do not have to be set manually again.

hugely expand the possibilities to create project reports. There are other predefined reports in addition to the existing ones, e.g. a table of contents with document links and new parts lists.

FluidDraw provides built-in drawing functions for custom symbols with all the necessary primitives such as line, polygon, rectangle, circle, ellipse, text, graphics and classified connectors. Smart dimensioning makes it easy for you to create assembly plans.

Quickly integrate user-defined symbols and libraries. You can integrate your own product databases via the efficient import/export interfaces. For multilingual projects, you can use user-defined text translation tables.

The right licensing model for you

Find the licensing model that suits your needs! With the FluidDraw 365 annual subscription, you always receive the latest version, at no extra cost. You can purchase the licence for FluidDraw from the Festo App World, which eliminates the use of a hardware dongle. All FluidDraw licences are network licences that can be shared through a licence server or used locally on a PC or notebook. The licences are provided in the form of a ticket immediately after purchase and can be activated directly in FluidDraw. An existing dongle can still be used too.

The benefits of the FluidDraw 365 annual subscription

  • Flexible: The subscription period is only for a year – perfect if you don't always need the functionality
  • Economical: No large initial investment and easy to calculate annual costs
  • Current: You will always be using the latest version of the program since the upgrades are included in the subscription
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