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How to get pictures running

With this digital tool, you can define inspection programs and define, log, adjust and simulate all processes - from image acquisition to input and output parameters - in advance on the PC.

Best price-performance ratio


The hardware, which includes our high-resolution smart camera SBRD and specially designed machine vision controllers, opens up new options for automation and robotics. All with the proven performance of Festo. The complete SBRD image processing program is ideal for both beginners and professionals.



You too can obtain fast and reliable solutions for your camera tasks. With the Camera Configuration Studio at the best price/performance ratio on the market!

your benefits

Simple and intuitive operation


The Job Navigator makes it easy to jump back and forth between individual commissioning steps.

Process stable image processing


With results data calculated on the basis of a broad database

Fast parameterization and unlimited individualization

For pick-and-place applications with the additional tool CCS xRun. And by setting and evaluating the inspection characteristics for any number of recordings.

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