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Saving energy made easy

Compressed air systems hold enormous energy saving potentials. The only question is how you can use them conveniently and efficiently. Here is the answer: the MSE6-E²M energy efficiency module from Festo monitors and controls the compressed air supply in your systems - both new and existing ones. So you can get started right away.

All compressed air data on your Dashboard

The data collected by the MSE6-E²M energy efficiency module is clearly displayed on the appropriate Condition Monitoring Dashboard. Up to 99 users can access the stored data, evaluations and API interfaces for networking with their own systems. Thanks to the cloud architecture, the monitoring and control of widely distributed plants and various control systems is also easily possible.

The main functions

Monitoring of your Energy consumption

Does the plant use more today than a year or a month ago? Is the pressure set correctly? How much compressed air is required for a batch?
These and many more questions can be answered by taking a look at the Condition Monitoring Dashboard. Here, the data collected by the E²M is presented in easy-to-understand infographics.

Shutoff - function

In practice: the E²M detects a standby situation based on individually defined settings and automatically cuts off the compressed air supply - comparable to the automatic start-stop function in a car. The compressed air consumption then drops to 0 - even in the event of a leak. A manual re-start is possible at any time via the machine's operating panel.

Process control & leakage detection

If the compressed air supply is blocked, the E2M checks the pressure tightness of the system. If the pressure drops rapidly, you will receive an indication of possible leaks. This means that you can always maintain your systems at the right moment and save a lot of money.

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