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Bringing cloud data into your focus

Are you wondering how you can conveniently monitor the status of your systems or their energy consumption? How to create perfectly fitting configurations and increase the efficiency of your systems? And how can you quickly obtain the corresponding evaluations including information graphics? The preconfigured Festo dashboards are the solution - this cloud service supports you in a wide range of applications.

Cloudbased condition and energy monitoring in video

More time for the essential. You can plan even more precisely in future - with Festo dashboards and our CPX-IOT gateway, you can detect irregularities at an early stage and take the necessary measures before a failure occurs. Festo's turnkey, preconfigured dashboards require no additional programming. The data is available worldwide and improves operational transparency for production managers and operators.

The operational part of the Digital Twin

With Dashboards, Festo offers the out-of-the-box solution for visualising the status of your components in the cloud. You have access "wherever, whenever".
Festo Dashboards are preconfigured views of a component that present values transferred to the cloud in a visually appealing and clear manner. This involves static device information such as the product key and dynamic information such as live data, historical data and much more. Learn more, because Dashboards are the operational part of the Digital Twin.

Your connection to the future: Learn more about our Industry 4.0 solutions.


your benefits at a glance

Decentralized monitoring

  • User-friendly monitoring of machines, production stations and many more.

Start up immediately

  • Available preconfigured in the cloud for each Festo device

Simply saving energy

  • Compressed air monitoring with dashboard for E2M-module
  • Process control by up to 99 authorized users

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